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Beacon promises to serve every customer intently, and constantly improve the pre-sale, sales and after-sales service system, and do a good job of returning customers' investigations.


﹒A comprehensive introduction to the company's products and installation services, including product performance advantages, construction processes and so on.

﹒Provide professional integrated solutions according to customers' conditions and actual needs.

Under sale

﹒ Provide complete set of technical drawings for customers and make technical final according to customers' requirements.

﹒Carry out site installation, commissioning and acceptance of the whole system.

﹒Conduct equipment operation and maintenance training for customers on site.

After sale

﹒Within one year after acceptance, professional engineers are scheduled to inspect the operation of the entire system every three months.

﹒After one year of operation, at least once patrol inspection are conducted every year.

﹒Set up a after-sales service hotline, 24 hours for customer service, and timely telephone return visit.

﹒ Invite customers' operation and maintenance personnel to the company headquarters for system training every year.The professional engineer conducts demonstration and explanation to ensure that the operator can independently complete the operation, maintenance, and replacement of vulnerable parts and so on.

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