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Huasheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Yantai Beacon Medical Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 1999, which is a technology-based professional company and are firmly in the forefront of the domestic industry, Huasheng dedicated to providing clean medical spaces, integrated medical gas system solutions and one-step logistics services for the modern medical institutions. Huasheng is headquartered at No. 8, Cheshan Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, it covers an area of 40,000 square meters. Huasheng has nearly 300 employees, which includes more than 100 engineering technicians, 30 professional designers, and 20 registered constructors of 1st & 2nd-level. The main products of Huasheng include: Purification design and construction for the operating room, ICU, laboratory, hemodialysis room, isolation ward and other medical space environment; Medical molecular sieve oxygen equipment, Medical center oxygen supply and suction system, Medical terminal treatment belt, Negative pressure integrated unit, Medical Gas alarm box, Two-stage pressure reducing flow integrated box, Terminal plug-in valve; also includes logistics medical security services, etc.

Huasheng has complete qualifications, and has passed the ISO9001, ISO13485 quality system and CE certification first in this industry. Up to now, Huasheng has more than 50 various patents, which includes the invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents. Huasheng has successively obtained lots of professional qualifications, such as: Grade I Qualification for Professional Contracting of Building Decoration and Decoration Engineering, Grade I Qualification for Professional Contracting of Construction Electromechanical Installation Engineering, General Professional Contracting Qualification, Class B Qualification of Architectural Decoration Engineering Design, Grade III Qualification for General Contractor of Building Construction; Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Service for Pressure vessel and pipeline, etc.

Since its establishment, Huasheng has always adhered to the business philosophy of technological innovation, and has developed many new products, which have been approved and registered by the State Food and Drug Administration and put into production and market. The Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Production Equipment, which was independently developed by Huasheng, provides a cost-effective configuration scheme for the hospital's oxygen production system, achieving a high oxygen replacement efficiency at the low cost. In addition, Huasheng will continue to introduce new intelligent medical oxygen production systems to ensure that it always has a competitive advantage in this ever-changing market.

At present, the products and services provided by Huasheng have spread all over the country and applied to major domestic medical institutions. Among them, the Plateau Modular Oxygen Production System was specially provided for military hospitals and plateau outposts of Tibet and Qinghai Armed Police Border Defense, which has been highly recognized and has become a high-quality supplier of military oxygen production equipment.

"For the safety of life" is the mission of Huasheng Medical. We will firmly grasp the current market situation, continue to devote ourselves to the introduction of new technologies, the R&D of new products, and the development of new markets. We will continue to attract more professionals and make more innovative products, with the reliable quality and better service, to care for health wholeheartedly and to be the leader of public basic services.

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